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Technical Details
Intelliscan thirty three zone gate with true pin point detection capability- model 2009-10

Patented 33 Zone Continuous Wave Multiple Sensor technology increases quality of security and lowers cost of weapon screening and loss prevention. The only walk through metal detector with true pin point detection capability. The most advanced gate in the world today with true pin point detection display. The display divides the human body in thirty three parts. Different lights come on showing the location of the weapon being carried by someone. It is the only system which shows the location of the weapon on left, right and center of the body. This capability is unmatched by any other system available today. It pinpoints the exact location of the weapon with respect to the human body.

The unique dual display on Intelliscan 33 Zone on the header panel as well as the side panels gives clear and un-ambiguous display giving extra comfort and ease of viewing for the security staff. Intelliscan 33 Zone is a true pin point detection system showing target left, right and center of the body. Ranger metal detection systems work on unique continuous wave technology and its scan rate is about 80 times faster than most brands working on PULSE technology.

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