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Technical Details
Portable Explosive Detector /Analyser Explonix

Description and Advantages:

  • extremely high resistance against overload and/or cross-talks of disturbing compounds/chemicals
  • wide range of detected compounds, detects also TATP, after-explosion residues and other "complicated" explosives
  • picogram detection limit with calibrated quantitative reading
  • very low false alarm rate
  • selective determination of found explosives
  • extremely fast and reliable self-cleaning after massive overload
  • new - patented system of very effective particulate sampling
  • new - patented vapour mode sampling that really works
  • in-situ user quantitative calibration within 1minute
  • fast response
  • works in "profiles", fitting the system automatically to various specific tasks and environmental condition
  • direct Internet connection for data download, remote control and factory testing
  • advanced PC suite allows intelligent data evaluation and easy system set-up (also available remotely)
  • built-in 1-D or 2-D barr-code reader automatically identifies and logs barr-code marked measured subject

EXPLONIX features:

  • Detects and identifies all ICAO standard explosives including all plastic types (even without taggant) TATP and explosion residues
  • Highly resistant to potential overload from a wide range of interfering agents and/or various sampled compounds
  • Fast and easy self-cleaning even after excessive exposure
  • Easy, user friendly one-bottom operation with automatic data logging. Pre-set operation profiles quickly select optimal operational parameters.
  • Advanced technology enables fast and user friendly in-situ calibration, securing proper instrument operation
  • Full remote control via USB, RS 232, Ethernet, Internet, GPRS, GSM, WiFi
  • Remote factory checking/service via Internet from any location world-wide
  • Optional 1-D/2-D Bar-Code Reader for instant identification of scanned subjects (baggage). Both the measured data together with baggage identification are automatically stored and optionally wirelessly send to the airport data logistic system.
  • Docking Station for 24-hour operation

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