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Baggage Screening X-Ray Machines
Explosive Detectors
Advanced Taser Guns
Driving Simulators
  Scanning Devices
» Explosive Detector
Portable Explosive Detector /Analyser Explonix
» Hand Held Metal Detector
Ranger Hand Held Metal Detector
» Mine Detector
» Walk Through Metal Detector Gates
Intelliscan 06 Zone TM Model 2010-11
Intelliscan Eighteen Zone gate (Multi zone) with true pin point detection capability - model 2009-10
Intelliscan thirty three zone gate with true pin point detection capability- model 2009-10
  Baggage Screening X-Ray Machines
» Baggage screening for security applications
1.0m x 1.0m Checked Bag X-Ray Machine
Check bag X-ray machine
High capacity parcel X-ray machine
High capacity Parcel X-ray machine
» mobile jammers
  Under Vehicle Inspection System
  Taser Guns
» Civilian Version
Advanced Taser Gun
» Law enforcement version
Advanced Taser Device M-26
Advanced Taser Device X-26
  Bullet Proof Items
  Driving Simulator
» ECA Faros,Driving Simulators
  Traffic Cones
» Orange traffic cones
Cone Light
Small & Large Traffic Cone
  Cone Light
» CL-1 CONE Light
Cone Light that fits into 36 and 18 inch cone
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